Flat Roof Repairs in Toronto

Emergency roof repairs for all flat roofing systems.  With years of experience, our trained staff has seen it all and we have the right quality products to efficiently and effectively repair it. We provide 24/7 Emergency Roof Repair because you never know what a storm could bring.

To repair a flat roof means to restore functionality to the roof, reinforce the flat roof’s waterproofing and insulation properties and prevent overall damage to the roof over time.

A flat roof can be installed with the highest quality materials, but if poorly constructed – temperature changes, weather and debris will lead to corrosion, damaged insulation, ridging, blistering and other common flat roof problems.

Roof leaks are caused not only by damaged waterproofing. Flat roof leaks can also stem from errors resulting from building physics or mistakes made ​​in the construction (drains, pipes, etc.)

All Customers Are Entitled To A Free On-site Roof Inspection And Free Quotation

Axis Roofing performs all types of flat roof repairs, installations, replacements, roof maintenance, waterproofing and flat leak repair in commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

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