HVAC & Skylights Curbs

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Roof curbs are raised members that are used to support roof penetrations, mechanical equipment, skylights and roof hatches. Curbs must be constructed for all types of roof openings and on both insulated and un-insulated decks.


What Are Some Uses for Rooftop Curbs?

  • Roof Hatches
  • Skylights¬†
  • Exhaust Vents
  • HVAC Unit
Poorly installed roof curbs can cause as much as a 30% performance loss on airflow systems due to leaks, temperature losses, or airflow losses. It is important to work with professional installers with the expertise to properly mount rooftop curbs .

A properly installed roof curb ensures that the accessory has a level platform for attachment.

Almost all commercial buildings have some combination of hatches, skylights, HVAC & vents. These items all cost money, add weight to your roof. Rooftop curbs are the essential component required to protect your investment in equipment, ensure safety, prevent inefficient operation, and avoid damaging water leaks.

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